European Ocean Biodiversity Information System

Web services related to the EurOBIS data

Matching your taxon list with WoRMS

The World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS) offers an online taxon match tool. Through this tool, you can automatically match your species or taxon list with WoRMS. After matching, the tool will return your file with the AphiaID's (= unique identifiers within WoRMS), valid names, authorities, WoRMS classification and/or any other output you have selected.

The tool allows a 'fuzzy matching', which is based on the TAXAMATCH fuzzy matching algorithm developed by Tony Rees, the PHP/MySQL port of TAXAMATCH by Michael Giddens and the Scientific Names Parser by Dmitry Mozzherin.

Linking to EurOBIS data on your own website

You can link to the EurOBIS map from your own site to display species occurrences.

If you know the taxon exists in WoRMS, lookup the AphiaID, via the WoRMS search interface, and link to this URL:<AphiaID>
i.e. the AphiaID for Solea solea is 127160, then link to

Accessing EurOBIS data via OGC standards

See the EMODnet Biology API manual

RSS feed

New additions and updates of the EurOBIS database can be followed through RSS feeds
New documented species in EurOBIS can be followed through RSS feeds